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Analysis & Consulting

Juliane Hahn

Type: Manifestor
Profile: 2/4

I have a long and painful physical and emotional healing story behind me myself, and I am eager to help you with becoming truly happy in your body and life.

for material success

Career Profile Analysis / Career Potential Analysis
Alpha Analysis & Manager Coaching
Partnership Analysis
Team Analysis
Work-Team Engineering


I'm well educated in
• Human Design
• Gene Keys
• Holistic and sustainable approaches to restore health

for a fulfilled private life

Personal Analysis
Relationship Analysis (Partnership and Family)
• consulting in personal crisis

for your health

• Lymes Disease
• Hashimoto's
• Cancer
• and many more
• optimizing health
• optimizing detoxification

What others say

ava_blank"Im amazed!!!!!!!!!!! You said it really true. So true. Im getting so excited, it makes so much sense"
following Human Design Analysis


ava_blank"Ich bedanke mich dafür, dass du explizit auf meine Schwachstellen eingegangen bist und geholfen hast, wie man das Maximum aus unserem Körper herausholt, hast viel vertieftes Fachwissen, lebst den gesünderen konsequenten Lifestyle. Ein dickes Lob an Dich."
following Health Consultation