Analysis & Consulting

Juliane Hahn

Type: Manifestor
Profile: 2/4

I have a long and painful physical and emotional healing story behind me myself, and I am eager to help you with becoming truly healthy in your body and mind, eleminating the resistance in your life.

Manifestors are here to impact, to trigger transformation and to create gateways for others to go through. Let us create the right one for you.

for your private life

• Personal Analysis
• Relationship Analysis
• consulting in personal crisis or generally help you find your track

I'm well educated and experienced in
• Human Design
• Gene Keys
• Restoring health holistically and sustainably

for your health

It currently is not my main focus, but if you are one of those rare beings who is REALLY committed to heal I'm very happy to assist you with knowledge
• Lymes Disease*
• Hashimoto's*
• Cancer*
• and other diseases*

*my consultation can not and is not intended to replace a medical doctor, nor can a medical doctor replace my consultation.

What others say

ava_blank"Das Human Design ist eine Theorie des Selbst, grob zu vergleichen mit Astrologie, aber exakter, moderner und wissenschaftlicher, zu vergleichen mit dem Eneagramm, aber ausführlicher, zu vergleichen mit dem Myer-Briggs Test, aber nicht beschränkt auf den Introversion-Extroversion-Dualismus. Keine Theorie hat mich persönlich so viel weiter gebracht, und ich erachte dieses System als die vielleicht modernste, praxisorientierteste und effizienteste Philosophie unserer Zeit."
(who I introduced to Human Design)